Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What a load of old .... ;)

Many years ago I enjoyed doing those personality tests where you answered a load of questions and scored points for various answers, added them up and they told you something you already knew about yourself.

It left me with questions so that I wonder what kind of person usually picks the first empty seat they come to instead of looking for another, reads instructions before starting to build an item of furniture or even who picks the middle cubicle in the toilets!

Being a conscientious dog owner who picks up after their dogs I can't help but notice that they toilet differently and wonder if that reflects their personality.

Torro is an anxious pooer. He isn't selective in regards where he goes but always circles around. We call it asking for permission to land. He will then rush off or rush to you with a particular expression of glad to have gotten rid of that load.

Devo never has time to think about going to the toilet. He just suddenly needs to go, hardly squats, drops his little packages and is off again.

Rhyme is very private in his business. He will go in the farthest corner of the field or in the longest grass and turns his back. He sits very proud and low. His privacy is so important I won't spoil it with a picture ;)

Moog likes to go high on long grass or even a thistle. Many years ago we were told that a good collie will always go like this to keep the excrement away from the short sweet grass the sheep will eat.

Pikachu is not worried where she goes and makes a big performance of it. She also has a big zoomie either before, after or both.

I wonder what these different habits display about them?

Well Torro can be anxious about things and like reassurance. He is also likes to include us in any celebration of things done well.

Devo's only consuming passion is watching Mark (or me if Mark isn't around). You could even say he was one of those obsessional collie's. Mark or working with Mark is all he wants and needs. Basic functions are a nuisance as they get in the way of life.

Rhyme is always clean. He would have been what was called dapper years ago. Spit spot and Bristol fashion is his way. He likes to perform a task properly. You only need to see his joy of getting his contacts to see that.  If I get back into HTM training this winter and video him working, you'll see him step up to the rhythm.

Moog is all sheep dog. He is also a real boy. He grumbles at being dried, he flops about and knows how to switch on his goofy charm. He mucks in with what ever is going on yet can go and entertain himself too. 

Pikachu is busy. She rushes about everywhere and you always know she's about. She has a huge personality.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else notices toilet traits and how they suit your dog. Or is it just me? Just me then 


  1. So funny, and sooo true!
    Jack just stops and goes whenever and wherever the need takes him
    Pip is like Devo... He wants to look at me or work with me e poo is an inconvenience which will always wait until the last minute. I've made a game of it now and so he will poo on command and earn a game as then I can be sure he has gone
    Bonnie is a girl, but she is the most fussy about where she goes. She doesn't like long or wet grass (perhaps it tickles her?) and takes ages sniffing for the best spot. She also often has a collie train following her about waiting to mark over her poo!
    Far too much time is spent thinking about poo. :):)

    1. Thanks Linda & glad it is not just me tho xx