Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The King is Dead. Long live the King.

Well May is nearly over and tomorrow is 1st June and summer will be here.
May disappeared into the World Agility Open - the final preparations, the event and then the packing away and clearing up. Back to normality or maybe not. I always puzzled at the expression The King is dead. Long live the King until it was explained that with the death of one King there becomes a new King. Well World Agility Open is over but heyho long live The World Agility Open. Mark, Greg and Monica are flat out planning ready for next years event.
We've had our friend Naomi and her dog Pan staying for a while - it's very quiet now :)
Our dogs are fine and t's great to be at competitions with them. Torro had his first Champ and I amused all the Champ handlers by being so totally excited. There was no cool in my enjoyment. It was brilliant. We got eliminated in both the jumping and agility but were not out of place and did some lovely, lovely bits including a great weave entry that caught many a more experienced and cool handler out.
Rhyme is such a lovely dog and his play and recall are improving.
Christie is still escaping out of the garden at shows determined to show she is not ready for that trip to the vets. It was very sad to hear of Harvey. He has had many medical concerns so Michelle and Stephen were brilliant to be able to keep him enjoying life as long as he did.