Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Got this yearning learning feeling

I had a privileged childhood. 
We weren't rich & I didn't get everything I thought I wanted. I was the youngest of everyone & was indulged with attention & love. We lived on a traditional council estate in a quiet village (except at Carnival time & my Mum & Dad's Hogmanay party LOL). So what was the privilege? Having great parents who supported us no matter what did and created an atmosphere of never being afraid to ask questions and the value of learning. We didn't have much money yet Dad bought the whole of The Encyclopaedia of Britannica and anything anyone didn't know was duly researched. There was a lot we didn't know & most was forgotten the next day but it was always fun to look :)

To me one of the key skills we can give our children, our dogs and the people we instruct is this yearning to learn. It keeps life as a challenge. The biggest fear a lot of people have is of the unknown so if the unknown is an exciting chance to learn something new, well then you've got nothing to be afraid of :)

Dad was 80 last year and for his present from the family he had a flight in a Biplane :) I haven't got a picture of that yet but here he is just before a helicotor flight we did last year. 

Saturday, 9 February 2013

And don't forget to breathe

I find it quite frustrating that when I'm doing interesting things I don't have time to blog about them.

I love being busy and being married to Mark Laker ensures there is never a dull moment in our house so why oh why did I also embark on a 'little' project of my own.

So what's been keeping me busy?
  • Listening, questioning, playing devils advocate and proof reading Mark's 2013 Performance weekend, how it'll run plus the exciting training day he's got lined up 
  • and then his proposal for selecting the GB Team 2014.
  • Working with Mark and UpAndOver instructors plus a couple of others on an other exciting development.
  • Discovering just how talented they all are in the process
  • Some great regular clients doing 1to1 agility lessons with me
  • Planning and advertising some great courses for UpAndOver along side our usual weekly classes with the aforementioned instructors

So to the 'little' project of Wag and Tone. I know we have a brilliant product with it just don't have enough resources (time, money, marketing skills etc). I am wondering if we're brave enough to approach Dragons Den for help but it seems the thing they criticise the most is what we are missing :) It would be an incredible
experience though.

Notice no person in the last photo - watch this space new exercise coming up :)