Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Walking Advertisment

It's obvious that I'm going to be proud of my husband but talk about a walking advert for his own products and a little bit of mine too.

We didn't write much about the not so good a time we had with our change to a new home preferring to write positively.

One thing that changed was our ability to use the field behind our house. That plus a couple of weekends spent doing things for other people meant Mark & Devo had very little opportunities to practice in the month or so before Olympia.

I did a programme using Wag & Tone exercises for them to work on core strength which they did a few times. Mark thinks Wag & Tone is great if a little girlie and thinks the name could be changed to encourage men to try it. He suggested in a not very pc moment that something along the lines of farts & boobs.

Other than that the main exercise Devo got was road walking followed by free running on Pewsey hill. He also had a few days with Ruth MacGill who even got him doing some canicross.

Devo likes to run, run everywhere. He is either running or stopped.

In order to help him develop better quads we made him walk on a harness. This did seem to work as unlike many he did not drop a jump.

For the last week before Olympia we did not even have a jump to practice on. Thanks to the people who did offer use of their equipment locally but time restraints made it not possible to do with moving our main priority.

We moved into our new house on Wednesday 18 December. Our equipment was being brought up from storage with Linda & Tony the weekend after Christmas. So a lovely flat field to use but still no agility

All the dogs had been great at my sisters and when we were in the States and they are generally ok left in the van overnight or daytime at shows. We thought freedom to settle into their new home was more important than me accompanying Mark. With the limited preparation leading up to the event it would not be surprising to see him back by lunch time.

Well although Mark & Devo had not any recent practice we are strong believers in lying a solid foundation before starting on equipment. Once agility training starts we focus on consistency & relationship. Marks training on concentrating on just the events/wins he wants means he never compromised on training for quick gains as their partnership developed.

Setting goals is important and doing it in a structured way will show the best results. Mark is a strong believer in you get out what you put in. His goals for the year helped him achieve qualifying for the event and the foundation and his ability after years of practice to be able to focus on his performance when it mattered ensured that clear. So the scene was set.

A brilliant dog and a bit of luck got him to the final. (Those at recent seminars will laugh at that one).

Once in the final anyone of those dogs could win.

Running first puts added pressure as you're off the course after walking it and then straight into your run.

Great dog not to lose it and good mind strength to keep it together.

I didn't even see it and didn't know the result for ages. Selfish to say 2nd was best result for me. How bad would I have looked to have missed being there for one of his greatest achievements?

Guaranteed I am going next year LOL

Monday, 6 January 2014

Home Sweet Home

We moved in the week before Christmas. We didn't actually complete until the Monday after but............ well, it's been a long story.

Mark & I worked very hard & amazingly were ready for Christmas & our first visitors the day after Boxing Day.

Mark even squeezed in a little trip down to that there London village with Devo & came back with a lovely little trophy :)

It was unlike us to have so many problems with things and this moving lark was unusually difficult.

I suppose it wasn't actually moving as that went like a dream in the end but the buying & selling of houses.

Now we are in we are so glad the other properties fell through. Yes I know there we're many of you that kindly listened to my woes and assured me that it would all end well. Thank you :)

So now to decide shall I reveal all now or keep you all interested with a couple of pictures a week.
Not one to spoil things or to show off I go for the latter.

Here's a couple of moving in clips including improvising went you can't find the scissors :)

Rhyme and Kodi help out

And once he saw how it was done Oddjob perfected the technique

And here's a sneak preview of the garden and paddock beyond