Friday, 29 April 2011

Sorry I guess blog writing or keeping up with blog writing is an art.

So much has happened, first the awful shocking and worrying episode of Kodi who is perfectly well and raring to go now, then the successes at shows:)

Mark has his goals with Devo and as usual is on track, winning into Grade 6.

I had my goals with Torro but due to last years ankle breakage they had gone off track and to be honest I was a bit bored of putting down the same as last year. The key to goal setting is to monitor and adapt to ensure they are the right for you at that time (apparently) so not being able to fulfil my goals for Torro last year should not have been a surprise. Luckily we got our last win at Grade 6 to go Grade 7 last weekend so are now back on to reset our sights on other things for this year :)

Mark got a new camera and has taken some stunning photos already so hopefully there will be plenty of good pictures to decorate the blog :)

I love this one of Flint recalling from me to Mark with the camera. Flint looks so happy and fit. He is such a special dog.