Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bekkis Thaumaturge aka Flint aka Fuffy

It's strange how things work out and it is interesting looking back on past blogs.

It is only 2 blogs ago I sadly wrote about Flint's sister dying and how it made me appreciate him even more. That has certainly been magnified by our visit to the vets on Tuesday which revealed that Flint probably has secondary lung cancer in both lungs that mean even if they located the primary cancer and got there would be nothing else they can do.

What a complete heartbreak. Part of the problem is that I knew he was ill and suspected something bad but there is no comfort in knowing you are right in these circumstances.

The good thing is that Flint doesn't seem to know he's ill - just an annoying cough but everything else is fine.

Initially being faced with losing him the emotion is uncontrollable tears but the vets words of a few months still were an immense comfort.

Now I am thinking how lucky I am - firstly to have shared a life with such a great dog and then to be able to ensure that I have let him know that for the last months.

We do take care of our dogs well as is noted frequently by other agility competitors but it is easy to lose focus on the older dogs when life is so busy and the young competing dogs need training. Obviously exercise, grooming and food are equally given - it is time spent with them individually that can be less.

Flint is no trouble in anyway and loves evenings watching TV so probably did not miss training time spent away from him - glad of the peace and quiet. 

I have been given an opportunity to ensure time is spent with him so that I will have no feelings of guilt when he goes. To be honest spending time on Flint is so easy. He is always bouncy and happy, glad to play with a ball or flirt with another dog - doesn't matter what sex either :) and he pricks his ears up, standing tall. He will certainly be making sure he's a stud dog in his next life :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A ring a ring of rosettes

We've had some brilliant results at shows this year. Notably Wallingford in April & Gillingham last week. At both of these shows we did a ring party & our members all performed really well.

The question is why?

Well firstly to be scientific we would need to check the data to see if we did perform better or just that more of us were gathered together to notice how well we did :)

Also both these shows are KC shows & quite a few people compete mainly at UKA so if they'd been at KC shows all year would they have moved up the grades sooner?

Or is it the camaraderie? We have been told on more than one occasion that we have the loveliest club members and we do agree :) They are all lovely all the time though not just when we do a ring party :)

Well I started this blog last week and now have proof that it is not just the ring party.

Three members in top three at UKA Masters this weekend and as far as I know they were not doing a ring party.

So proof - not only are they all lovely they are all brilliant too :)

Need to find a BIG venue for presentation evening to fit it all in.

Our weekend was lovely too - only one elimination from Torro with 3 clears including a 3rd place at of 6 runs. On track to become a course conquerer. 

2 clears from Rhyme (3rd place in both - agility and slightly held contacts) some lovely jumping runs with a couple of baby mistakes so well on track to be top agility dog.

Mark and Devo had a great time too - 2nd in jumping and a brilliant run in another class where the timing didn't work that all considered a winning one. Mark didn't mind having another go but it wasn't as good as the first and they had a pole down. We won't mention the run where I didn't press the record button until he'd finished either.