Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Born Again?

I am open to everyone’s beliefs so long as they are not harmful to others or themselves and don’t think blogs are the place to be that personal but I for me re-incarnation has a certain fascination – partly because how can so many dead people live in heaven without serious overcrowding LOL

Torro is an unusual dog and does not seem to have normal dog skills. His idea of being friendly is whacking another dog with his paw. There were a few happenings in his puppyhood and something from a communicator that could give the opinion he was a cat in a previous life. Well our cat (Dirty Harry) died of old age in the October and Torro was born in January. There was also a long and complicated serious of events that resulted in me having Torro. He made eye contact with me when we went to look at the pups that made me think he thought good I’ve found you again J

I had forgotten about this and only started to think about it because of how Rhyme is going at training.

I am so enthusiastic about the puppy training and how we can break things down to help dogs learn the equipment when they are older. I love training it and seeing the rapid progress dogs make and how much fun they have. However Rhyme does not seem to share this emotion. However much I would prefer to break things down and build understanding and then speed. He just does things. He does them like he has done them before.

The seesaw is a perfect example – I did wobble cushions, boards planks on balls gradually building to doing the seesaw on 2 tables etc, plus bang game and end games. Went to do the whole thing and he jumped off L Went back a few stages all ok then tried again. Again off he comes L Decided to just hold his collar in the old-fashioned way and viola, easy peasy, why didn’t you say this is what you wanted? seesaw sorted.

Then there was the match – I really should have waited and done more training, first on jump grids and set point etc etc. But the first time I showed him a course and he does it.

He’s getting to the age of doing full height now too so I just did an exercise at medium and then did the same at full height – done – no errors, no running under, no hesitation.

So this makes comes me to the conclusion that maybe Rhyme is a reincarnation of an agility dog. I do not know which dog and can only hope it was a very good one.

Traits peculiar to Rhyme include suckling your thumb when sleeping on your lap and nibbling you in a “you are mine kind” of way. So if you know of any past agility dogs with these traits I may have him – sorry you can’t have him back but it’ll be good to meet you J J

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Cats Out of The Bag & The Dog's of the Starting Block

So much planning and everything’s coming to fruition J

The meeting on Thursday was with the manager of a local Equestrian Centre that I can now reveal is going to be UpAndOver and The Lakers Dog Agility’s new home.

The Loriston-Clarke’s and of course, Fiona Boyne were brilliant hosts at Catherston Stud, both at Hurstbourne and when we moved with them to Over Wallop. We appreciate all their support and feel part of their greatness rubbed off and helped us create a great training school.

Times change and with their daughter managing and a group of very demanding livery customers our ability to hire the school for any other time than Tuesdays became impossible. We are very grateful for Ann allowing us to have that.

With classes full we still needed somewhere to take on new members so the search began and here we are now our new venue
Cholderton Equestrian Centre.

In order to secure the venue and move the club on again we are committing to hiring every Tuesday and Thursday, so more planning now for new courses etc.

Sad to be leaving Catherston behind but changes tend to encourage more changes and this is just the catalyst to get moving with loads of training opportunities J

Talking of training opportunities I took the opportunity to try out how our training was progressing with Rhyme by taking part in the match against Wallingford in the Nursery class.

This may have been a silly idea, as he has not previously done anymore than 12 obstacles. However he was incredible and worked his four paws off. We only did medium height jumps and he does not have the speed of his training mate (and Kodi’s son) Buzzy but he was quicker than I thought and he LOVED it. So much so that I thought I would just train the start line on the next course. He was very excited watching the other dogs but totally settled on the start in perfect position, ready and waiting. Proud as punch.

Third run again he knew exactly how to behave on the start and no hesitation of pushing up. It was nearly a disaster as we ran up the line towards the other ring when his really, really strong chase drive took over. But this dog who three months ago I thought I would never even get in a ring because of this reason, recalled beautifully to me and carried on around the course with no further error.

My grown up boy is truly on his way now. So much motivation now to do the things we need to do to realize the future that I see possible.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Some dates are just good

10 years ago today Mark and I got married :) Those of you good at maths will have worked out we got married just after Mark turned 40. Some would say it was a midlife crisis but here we still are :)

Our friends Lauren Langman & Matt Rouse gave birth to their little girl this morning - it's great news and the baby is lucky to be joining such a lovely family.

So 2 major events - one the start of a great marriage and the other a baby already on this date. Both are quite life changing.

Other people will have dates or times of the year when things are just good or things seem to go wrong. There is probably somebody that can prove some kind of spooky connection to our birth dates that will explain this phenomena. A bit like astrology I suppose.

Anyway whatever it is about this date something else happened today that will make a big change in our lives. We had a successful meeting with somebody and it will result in a big change that will have far reaching consequences. An end of an era is approaching.

This is separate from my other big "watch this space" happening and I will be able to reveal all much sooner on this one.

Those of you who read my blogs regularly will have heard about polishing coconuts - it seems mine have been well and truly polished :)

Bring on all the changes - an the old chinese proverb says
"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” I know what I'm going to do.