Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Remember Remember

Just had time to re read some of That Winning feeling by Jane Savoie and came across a bit I'd forgotten about. Apparently our brain can't distinguish between what is real or imaginary in our memory which could explain why sometimes 2 people will remember the same event totally differently. Also our subconcious will strive to make our thoughts a reality so that if you think that you are having a bad day some how it will conspire to ensure that you do.
It also remembers all those comments we make about ourselves like the one I made today that Rhyme would do better will another handler. Shock horror what an awful thing to say. I would be very disappointed in any of my students if they said that.

Sometimes it's is a reflex dismissal because I don't know how to applaud myself. What I should have said was thank you he's a brilliant dog and together we'll do well :)

Now I need to convince my subconscious mind that it's not what I said but what I meant that matters and focus on helping that come true :)

So remember positive thinking is the way forward and practice saying the right things to get your subconscious mind to help you achieve :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

News and Developments

Wow what an amazing time with so much going on.

The main news is Mark being appointed as International manager to Agility Team GB. It is a great opportunity for him plus he will be working hard to help the Team achieve. Those that know him understand that he doesn't do things by halves and would only take this position with the knowledge that he will be able to deliver. So watch his blog and enjoy the success of GB :)

It is also great for me - I love International competitions too so will enjoy being part of it from the sidelines.

On a less International scale Wag and Tone has been receiving great interest. I have a venue where I can give weekly classes :)

We have 2 other dog instructors from different areas who want to use the class format and exercises and a friend from The Netherlands who is coming over in the next couple of months that will launch it there. 

Sue's brilliant idea has certainly gone a long way.

The classes are aimed at pet dog owners that at the moment do nothing with their dogs. My own dogs are jumping better and have great core stability and flexibility from doing it so there will also be a market for agility dogs that can't do their usual training in bad weather.

We are going to be doing more videoing of exercises tomorrow and sorting out licensing etc meanwhile here's some of my favourites :)