Sunday, 29 September 2013

It's Not All About Pugs

Well  2013 continued to throw it's unlucky 13ness at us for a while to the extent that even I managed to lose some of the positives. Well most of them to be fair.

I also got some kind of virus that left me feeling exhausted and achy all the time. Luckily after heaps of tests it is nothing serious and I'm well on the road to recovery except along the way Mark ran Torro a few times for me and the decision was made that he would have him again next year to run in champ while I concentrate on Rhyme. Torro is such fun to run and I'm sure he'll do very well with Mark but I feel a bit of a traitor. 

We share caring for our dogs and exercise but tend to just agility train the ones we run so Mark is training Devo and Torro. Torro doesn't mind one bit and loves going that bit quicker that Mark runs compared to me. He is still my dog in every other way.

So whilst I was feeling life wasn't as great as it had been I didn't keep up the blog. Writing can be cathargic I know but for blogs I prefer upbeat and postivity. Any way I'm now back with that upbeat and positive frame of mind :)

Our initial house move failed and we had to start again. Our buyer lost their buyer and crazily although the house we originally had been going to get had been on the market for over a year it sold immediately our sale fell through. so the great news that we found a new buyer just over a week later was of no help.

So the house hunt was on. we have now found a lovely house in a different part of the country so closer to our families but still more central to cut down on overall travelling. 

As we now know nothing is set in stone until all the paperwork is signed and it is still 2013 after all so we're not saying too much. Here's a sneak look at our possible view if it goes ahead.

Our son Michael is well on the second part of his travels now in Australia working. He spent his hard earned savings on a trip of a lifetime a trek of South America. I am looking forward to seeing his photo's. Although the video of him cycling down Death Road in Bolivia were a little scary to tell the truth.

Our other "child" UpAndOver Agility Dogs has also flown the nest. Well it has now become a committee run club. Not nearly so scary as Death Road cycling :) We are very proud of how quickly they have taken up the reins and it has all run so smoothly. We are still a large part of it with Mark as Chair and we are both still instructing there. The new club can be found at

We are not about at shows much at the moment giving ourselves and our dogs a little agility break. So much so that our thoughts turned to a non agility dog and you can follow the results under the Wagsnort Skyfall blog.

We had hoped to have moved and settled by now and ready to advertise any winter or autumn seminars. As this hasn't happened we will just go ahead and take bookings and fit them in around moving so please contact us if you want to book us for agility seminars, Mark's Coaching or my core stability classes (Wag and Tone).