Wednesday, 4 December 2013

In a Nutshell

At last a few moments to catch up with the blog J

So much has happened. To be fair it has been a while but I think even if I had blogged every day there would have been enough to fill a full page each time.

The précised version and not necessary in chronological order is

  • ·      Sold house and moved out
  • ·      Passed UpAndOver on to a dedicated committee (& boy are they dedicated to UpAndOver)
  • ·      Publication date decided and ready to go on Wag and Tone eBook
  • ·      Dogs kept fit and happy and enjoying break from agility
  • ·      First article published in a Pug Bulletin
  • ·      Found a lovely house to buy and just waiting to exchange contracts
  • ·      Preparing for Seminar in Houston, Texas
  • ·      Weekends for 2014 filling up with seminars, family and friend visits and GB Squad events
  • ·      Mark sent out invites to candidates for GB Squad
  • ·      My son Michael settled in Australia with a promising job in a Restaurant
  • ·      Accounts done
  • ·      Further inroad made into ICAT canine remedial massage theory plus 3 dogs massaged
  • ·      People I trained qualifying for various finals and moving up grades
  • ·      Some enquiries relating to me continuing to train when we move.

All in all there are so many things moving in the right direction and promising a great year in 2014.

The only 2 things causing worry is Flint and Tim. They are two of my best friends. They are both doing a brilliant job of fighting cancer and both continuing to enjoy life in spite of it.  So many bittersweet moments of spending time with them savoring every moment whilst trying not to think about when they go.

Flint does not know so he is just being his usual happy self and enjoying doing dog things.

Tim and Sharon are an inspiration in positivity in the face of it all. Helping all their family and friends to deal with it along the way. 

Moving away from them will be very hard. Using their positivity I will look at it as a new way to explore the different communication forms out there, writing emails, skyping etc and of course looking for opportunities for those memory days (or weekends) that they having cleverly come up with to make the most of the precious time Tim has.