Saturday, 17 September 2016

Getting ready to go...

Don't worry this is not another post about toileting ;)

This weekend we are getting ready to go to the FCI AWC as it is officially known or the Worlds as it is often called here.

There is lots to get ready - dog sitters, packing clothes, flags, paperwork to name a few.

We have 2 days on a coach to look forward to and then the excitement of watching Agility Team GB competing.

As usual we have a great Team who are committed to doing the best they can.

It is available to watch on LiveStream

This year it is hoped to show information via Twitter - just look up #agilityteamgb.

There is not always time to give the full story and often just an E doesn't justify what happened. As you all know some of our best rounds are not always reflected in the score. In the case of speed of information getting out there we will be brief.

Remember the time difference - they are 1 hour ahead of us.

The running orders on the website currently include all listed competitors including reserves. The lists may change after registration on Thursday when all competitors have been declared. If not there will be gaps.

Hope you enjoy hearing about #agilityteamgb.

As usual a big thank you to the sponsors

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